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Jeevan BJP


The Brief

A prominent social worker, political leader of BJP, and dedicated servant of Rashtra Svayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for over 15 years. With notable roles as Tehsil Mahavidyalay Vidhyarthi Pramukh, Nimbaheda; District Mahavidyalay Vidhyarthi Pramukh, Nimbaheda; and Vibhag Vidhyalay Vidhyarthi Pramukh, Chittorhgarh, Jeevan Choudhary has made a significant impact in Rajasthan’s Chittorhgarh district. As a certified journalist with a background in journalism and Masters in Journalism, he also holds a prominent position as the ‘Poorn Kalik Jila Sangathan Mantri (Kendra-Tok)’ since 2011.

BrandKob was entrusted to create a concise one-page website showcasing Mr. Jeevan Chaudhary Ji’s profile and social media handles.


Political Leader


Rajasthan, India


Website Design

Visual Branding Identity


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The Approach

Our journey started with thorough market research, revealing a lack of websites dedicated to political leaders. Uncertainty surrounded the content of the website, but we took a bold decision to create a platform exuding vintage Indian patriotic vibes. Apart from a concise bio and captivating photos of Mr. Chaudhary, the website seamlessly connects users to his social media handles and features an auto-updated Twitter feed. To facilitate easy communication, we incorporated a convenient contact form for anyone wishing to reach out to Mr. Jeevan Chaudhary.
BrandKob Project - Jeevan BJP
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As a dedicated social worker and committed political servant, my time is limited for managing websites. Fortunately, BrandKob has taken the responsibility of our digital marketing campaign off my shoulders. With their reliable support, they fulfill their promises without fail.

Mr. Jeevan Chaudhary

Social & Political Leader

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