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The Brief

Jeevan Choudhary is one of the most prominent social workers and political leaders of BJP, Chittorhgarh, Rajasthan. He has been an active servant in the Rashtra Svayamsevak Sangh (RSS) for over 15 years now. Sangh Sikshan – 3rd. Year. He has been the Tehsil Mahavidyalay Vidhyarthi Pramukh, Nimbaheda; District Mahavidyalay Vidhyarthi Pramukh, Nimbaheda and Vibhag Vidhyalay Vidhyarthi Pramukh, Chittorhgarh (Chittorhgarh, Nimbaheda, Pratapgarh) in 2014, 2016, and 2017 respectively.

Jeevan Choudhary is a certified journalist. Having completed his graduation from journalism, he also bagged his Masters in Journalism. He has been an active leader of ABVP ( Akhil Bhartiye Vidhyarthi Parishad ) and has became the ‘Poorn Kalik Jila Sangathan Mantri (Kendra-Tok) in 2011.

BrandKob needed to design a one page website which would have a short profile of Mr. Jeevan Chaudhary Ji and show his social handles.


Political Leader


Rajasthan, India


Website Design

Website Development


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The Approach

The process always begins with market research and it did not come as a surprise that we didn’t have enough websites for the political leaders and frankly it was never too clear as to what was to be given in the website. Ultimately we decided to create a website that gave a vintage Indian patriotic vibes and apart from a short bio and photos of Mr. Chaudhary, would not only direct users to the social handles of Mr. Jeevan Chaudhary but would automatically update the twitter feed on the website. We also added a contact form below for anyone to easily contact Mr. Jeevan Chaudhary.
BrandKob Project - Jeevan BJP
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Being an active social worker and a responsible political servant, I don’t get enough time to look after my websites, but BrandKob has ensured that I don’t need to look after our digital marketing campaign. They promise support, they deliver it.

Mr. Jeevan Chaudhary


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