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B.R. Archstruct


The Brief

B.R. Archstruct is one of the independent Solar Energy & Architecture Consulting Firms which is created on the premise that all client’s needs are different. They strive to meet those needs on an individual basis. Their experienced team works jointly to change the way clean energy solutions are introduced to our clients.

Brandkob was equipped with making a modern website that detailed their services and had a customer friendly request form and a company profile which was clean yet descriptive.


Energy & Architecture


Ahmedabad (Gujrat), Delhi


Web Design & Development

Company Profile

Visual Branding Identity

Local SEO

Marketing Collateral Design


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The Approach

When developing a modern website showcasing detailed services, incorporating a customer-friendly request form, and presenting a clean yet descriptive company profile, we focused on key elements. We analyzed the target audience to tailor the design and content accordingly. The sleek layout featured ample white space, a balanced color scheme, and high-quality imagery. The well-structured services section highlighted key features and benefits. The strategically placed request form was optimized for user experience. The company profile emphasized core values, expertise, and unique selling points with concise and engaging language. Our approach aimed to create a captivating website that effectively conveyed information and encouraged customer engagement.
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BrandKob Project - Brarchstruct (1)

Mr. Gopilal B.

Founder & CEO

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