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GPS tracking technology has come so far in the past few years. JMC Enterprises – BOSS GPS System ‘s mandate is to keep on top of all the changing technology, so we can pass that knowledge to their valued customers. Not only do they offer fleet tracking and vehicle tracking options, but they also have an entire line of personal GPS tracking devices available. Their line of GPS tracking devices is extensive, but they find themselves to be happy to help their customers find the best option for any vehicle that they want to track.

BrandKob was supposed to create a website that would help in the process of branding to the GPS Tracking Services offered by JMC Enterprises.


GPS Tracking


Delhi, India


Website Design

Website Development

Content Writing


BrandKob Projects - JMC Tracker Homepage
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The Approach

Well, when the instructions are limited to “we need a website”, the responsibility doubles. Of course, you won’t find many GPS Websites, so we know that writing content and designing was not going to get much assistance.

We decided to go for a three page website – Homepage which also had the about section, Features Page which stated the features of the GPS tracking services provided by the company and finally the contact us page where not only could you inquire about the device, ask for quotation, or other doubts but could also inquire about being a partner seller of the device. We also added one tap whatsapp messaging visible on the screen, at all times, for quick option to chat with the team of JMC Enterprises.
BrandKob Project - JMC Tracker
BrandKob Project - JMC Tracker Mobile Mock up

Being an active social worker and a responsible political servant, I don’t get enough time to look after my websites, but BrandKob has ensured that I don’t need to look after our digital marketing campaign. They promise support, they deliver it.



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