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Leogen Biotics


The Brief

Everything that Leogen Biotics does is to keep that charming lively smile on your face by making sure that your internal health gets what it requires. Leogen Biotics is a pharma company, where you are provided with immunity strengthening multivitamins to medicines of all sorts. To brag a bit, quality at it’s core, doctors find a great zeal in prescribing our products to their patients and ultimately we get a happy patient and a face with charming lively smile.

Leogen Biotics approached BrandKob to create a branding experience that would meet the standards of the industry but stand out from rest of the similar entities of the industry.




Delhi, India


Branding Identity

Web design & development

Marketing Collateral

Copy Writing

Package Design

Product Presentations


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The Approach

Frankly, it’s not often that we come across clients who are willing to stand out instead of just trying to do the typical. Given the confidence that Leogen Biotics has invested in BrandKob, we have been energised to working with greater creativity & commitment level.

We have loved working for Leogen Biotics from choosing the Logotype to giving every product a tone. We have made sure whether it’s website or tablet presentation or the literature, the user gets the same brand interacting experience. But what have we done exactly? : Logotype to color scheme, selection of fonts, setting the tone of the brand, designing and developing the website, designing literature and total visual identity of every products, designing the packaging of the medicines and other products, branding strategy, copy writing and content writing, that is all, if we haven’t missed anything :).
BrandKob Project - Leogen Biotics
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BrandKob Project - Leogen Biotics Business Card

Big thanks to BrandKob. BrandKob ain't just limited to providing digital marketing services, they provide complete solution to their clients relating to their particular fields, branding, websites.. these ain't different from the business itself, and any agency who wish to offer this services must completely engage with their clients' business, and that's what BrandKob does to certain the master finish to the outcome.

The good part is that BrandKob ain't some temporary service provider, it is your professional partner upon whom you wish to rely for your branding and digital needs.

Mr. Krishna Sharma

Founder & CEO

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