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The Brief

Login Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is committed to improving people’s health and well-being through high-quality, innovative medications. Their product line includes a variety of prescription and over-the-counter drugs to treat numerous medical conditions. They are dedicated to providing safe and effective solutions to our customers nationwide.

BrandKob was approached by Login Pharma to develop a branding experience that not only aligned with industry standards but also distinguished itself from other entities in the same field.




Delhi, India


Website Design & Development

Visual Branding Identity

Package Design

Marketing Collateral Design

Content Writing


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The Approach

Working with Login Pharma has been a breath of fresh air for BrandKob, as they embrace standing out and going beyond conventional norms. Their unwavering confidence in our abilities has ignited our creativity and dedication to the project. From the initial Logotype selection to establishing a consistent tone across multiple platforms such as the website, tablet presentations, and literature, we have crafted a seamless and captivating brand experience. Our wide-ranging involvement included designing the Logotype, selecting a fitting color scheme and fonts, developing the website, creating literature materials, crafting a visual identity for all products, designing appealing packaging, devising a comprehensive branding strategy, and providing copywriting and content writing services. No detail has been overlooked in our mission to deliver Login Pharma a compelling and all-encompassing visual identity.
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BrandKob Project - Login Pharma

We're grateful to BrandKob for their exceptional services. They go beyond digital marketing, providing tailored solutions for specific fields like branding and website development. Branding and website design are integral parts of a business, requiring deep engagement. BrandKob excels in this aspect, ensuring outstanding outcomes.

What sets BrandKob apart is their commitment as a professional partner, not just a temporary service provider. They can be relied upon for all branding and digital needs, offering dedication and expertise. Their long-term value makes them an invaluable asset for businesses aiming for success.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Founder & CEO

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